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[sticky post] Welcome ~


  • On this page, I'm sharing my stuff as downloads. Mostly, subtitled Japanese songs with lyrics and translations, made by me.

  • If any link appeares to be offline or broken, just write me a message or comment below the specific file. I will fix it asap.

  • I appreciate feedback. Comments are welcome.

  • You may use my files, but please credit, if you do so. I'd also like to be informed. (^_^)

  • I do take requests, but of course it depends a bit. Former information can be found in the index.

  • Please enjoy and spread the Love !  <3

No update in quite a while, huh?
I am currently working on February's A9 Channel which is almost done transating by dear pokkori_a9 again.
But I'm only 6 minutes through or so. I have alot of free time though, so it won't take too long.

> Done.

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It's been a while, huh?
Well, I finally moved. To tumblr. Yep, so you can find me there now. I am translating Royz blog entries mostly atm.
I might start translating songs again, if I just had any idea where to start (w). Maybe GazettE, there were some songs on my list...

Anyways, I am still active here, just not really posting anymore on my journal.
Still doing stuff for A9 community, or whoever might like my works.
That's about it for now.. :3

Quick update (A9)

So I decided to take on the subbing of Alice Nine Channel from January 2014.
I have now about 45 minutes done. Will take another week or so to complete it, I think.
As soon as I'm done, I will post it in the community, ofc. :3



m(_ _)m

Dear LJ,
I have to confess.
I didn't really want to say it, I was hiding it, but I can't take this burden any longer, it hurts me. It really does.
So here I go.

I'm... cheating on you.

I'm really sorry! But you leave me no other option.
No, that's wrong, I don't want to blame you. It's me. It's all my fault.
Hey hey, don't cry..
You know, our time has been amazing, really. And I'm not thinking about leaving you either, you see.
I just wanted to... try something new?
You know, sweety, I really love you and all, but you're just not popular anymore. Less and less people are caring about you.
And then I found this new one, Tumblr... At first, I didn't like him at all, actually.
He's all that fancy and popular. And that liking-stuff... Gosh, I don't know about that.
But after spending some time together, exploring all his functions, I actually got a bit attracted.
And damn, he's popular! You can spread things so nicely, easily and fast!

Honey, don't look at me like that. Am I beeing too rude?
Wait, don't go. Here's my plan.
Why don't we three.. you know.. try it? The three of us? Maybe it works just fine!
I will spend time with both of you, no worries.
I won't ever leave you all alone anyways, I love you way too much. And all my our effort shouldn't be waisted, right?
So I will try it with both of you for the next time. Then I will decide if I leave Tumblr again and make you my nr.1 again, or-
No, I didn't mean it that way! Honey, wait!
You are my nr.1, of course. No, I actually meant, my only one. Okay? I will see if you will be my only one again.
But maybe the little.. threesome works out just fine?
Please, honey, don't be mad. I'm doing this for us. Mostly for me, but also for us.
In order to spread the love even further! And maybe, I will turn that bitchy babe Tumblr into someone better (probably not).

So.. see you tomorrow, okay, sweety?
Love you. <3


Since I have a bit time now between my exams, I decided to go through my LJ page (wow, it's already been halb a year since I started!) and edit some stuff I feel like changing.
Below is a list of what I changed.
It's just minor stuff, like typeset corrections or minor TL errors.
I didn't correct all though.
From my first few videos, I simply lost (/deleted) my subtitle .ass file (T_T).
And I don't really feel like subbing it aaaaall again.

I - Added band tags.
Since I felt that having only tags like "jrock" or "translation" doesn't help much when looking for a specific video, I decided to add the band.
It's no big deal of course, but maybe some people from outside LJ are searching something I actually can give, but without tags no one can find it. Ever. Haha. (^_^)

II - Alice nine「赤い風車」(Akai Kazaguruma) - Typeset correction
I don't know why, but when I created the video, I left these weird spaces between the kanji lyrics.
I now deleted them, changed the whole typeset a bit (color~~~) so it looks better.

III - ゴールデンボンバー「忙しくて良かった」 (Golden Bomber - Isogashikute Yokatta) - Minor translation correction
It's one of the early songs I translated.
And since I'm gradually getting better at Japanese, it happens that I find mistakes in older translations.
Wow, awesome feeling! Haha~
So yeah, I edited the translation, but not the video. I lost the subtitles~
But I will set a note that there are a few sentences which are not quite correct or corrected.

IV - Alice Nine - Kiss twice, kiss me deadly (one more kiss edition) - Typeset correction
Just like above with Akai Kazaguruma, there are weird spaces which I removed.
And different color.

V - Preview pictures
Changed some preview picture. Wow, dat big change.
Like:  ゴールデンボンバー「101回目の呪い」(Golden Bomber - 101 kaime no noroi), vistlip Patriot Talk, etc.

VI - Alice Nine - SHINING - Newly added! Yay!
Not a change, but a new video! Yatta! :3

Hahh, I feel so much better now. Haha, I think I should also update my whole site layout and stuff soon. Will see (^_^)
I'm being lazy, so copy/paste is my friend today. :3

SHINING PV- translated and subbed.
Enjoy. <3
Screenshot (1)


Band: Alice Nine
Subtitles: Hardsub, Eng + Kanji + Romaji
Translation: Myrkul
Size: 1280 x 720, 111 - 251 MB
Format: .avi / .mp4


MediaFire: .mp4 [111MB], .avi [251MB]

Kanji lyricsCollapse )

TranslationCollapse )

Translation side notesCollapse )
Some time ago, maybe one or two weeks, I saw a Tweet with this Barks interview about Alice Nine's new single SHINING and album Supernova.
It's really interesting, I decided to translate and share it.
Problem is, my Japanese is not really on a high level yet, so there are a lot of expressions I didn't know, haha.
But I did my best. I think, you can get the point of what they're talking about.  (^_^)
If not, feel free to ask. I posted this interview in alice_nine community already.
Feedback is welcomed, as always.
I'm thinking about writing it as a .pdf or something, it looks just so much better... Well, will see. :3

Please enjoy. <3

\ CLICK ME /Collapse )